Next-generation Infrastructure

“The Port of Clarkston’s project demonstrates that next-generation infrastructure is a key and fundable element of community revitalization. Washington companies need broadband to grow and stay in this state, just as they need space to work, roads, rivers and rails to ship product, and energy to drive production. Ingenuity is the inexhaustible resource, and the Port of Clarkston’s got it in spades. Their success demonstrates the excellent return on investment for on-going support of Local Technology Planning Teams.”

This quote is from Wilford Saunders, Broadband Program and Policy Director for the state of Washington. This statement came after the state of Washington's Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB) voted to fund the Port of Clarkston's application for a grant and loan for Phase II of fiber optic infrastructure.  The application had, as a foundation, the Asotin County Broadband Planning Study awarded through the Broadband Office.

Current Fiber Investment

The next phase is complete (see Phase II Map) included moving south on 13th Street in Clarkston and attaching fiber to poles into the Clarkston Heights.  The goal for Phase II was connectivity within “Turning Pointe,” the Port’s new business park.

Federal and state funding helped complete Phase II.  The Community Economic Revitalization Board approved a grant and loan in November to assist Phase II.  Please (see Asotin County Broadband Planning Study) for more information relating to broadband in our community.

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